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Need a Hong Kong SEO Company and/or SEO Expert to:

  • Increase local SEO traffic for your small business website?
  • Develop a digital marketing funnel from lead generation to sales conversion?
  • Create a internet marketing strategies that can work 100% grow sales for small business website?
Hong Kong SEO Company

Three Local Factors

Search engines – In Hong Kong, Google has 90% search engine market share, and Yahoo still has more than 9%. The rest goes to Bing and other search engines.

Languages – Hong Kong is multilingual (or at least bilingual). The majority of Hong Kong people speak Cantonese Chinese and English, and the two languages are HK’s official languages. Mandarin Chinese is used by Mainland Chinese living in HK.

Mobile – To reach the Hong Kong local target audience, ensure your website is mobile-friendly optimized (or follows responsive web design). People are using their smartphones most of the time.

Digital Marketing Funnel

Starting on ChinaMobileSEO.com

We are a SEO company in Hong Kong who builds a well-designed digital marketing funnel that lets you get visitors to your website through SEO and other web traffic sources, and turn them into leads and customers.

This digital marketing funnel (that is created by the SEO agency or company) ensure you get the desired results (with reasonably lower cost) through your small business website.

Stage 1: Small Business / Company Website (or Landing Page) – Create a website for your local Hong Kong small business (or company) by installing WordPress. This is your shop i.e. where you present your products or services to potential customers.

Stage 2: Web Traffic – Get web traffic (i.e. visitors) to your website from free traffic sources (including SEO) and paid traffic sources (e.g. Google AdWords).

Stage 3: List BuildingBuild the email list i.e. Get the visitors to give you their email addresses and become your “leads”. Even your target customers are Hong Kong local audience, you will still need a method to contact them (i.e. through emails, etc).

Stage 4: Marketing Automation – Nurture your leads (i.e. prospects). All these are done through marketing automation based on the behavior and actions of your leads. Examples of marketing automation software: ActiveCampaign, SendInBlue, etc.

As an example, local small businesses can apply the strategies when performing digital marketing to the Hong Kong audience and track the performance using Google Analytics.

200+ Free Traffic Sources - The Complete List

Promote Your Website with Free Traffic


Get the Complete List as a PDF Document

Free Traffic Sources

Complete list of websites: Get the full 200+ free traffic sources list including search engines, social media, document/photo sharing, bookmarking, video sites, forums, communities.

Digital Marketing Hong Kong

Strategies for HK small business to do digital marketing - Definitive guide to set up lead-to-sales funnel in 4 stages: Web traffic (SEO & Social Media), landing page, list building and marketing automation.

Mobile SEO Best Practices

Rank Your Site on Google's 1st Page - Google's Mobile-first Index ranks web pages based on their mobile version. Optimize your site for mobile to load super fast and display well on all devices.

Google Ads (AdWords) Optimization Checklist

Small businesses can optimize Google Ads in 2 phases: One-time setup & regular optimization. Build ad campaigns that can always return highest sales with lowest cost.

SendInBlue - Email Marketing Automation

Complete Setup Guide: How local small businesses can use email marketing automation software SendInBlue to discover new opportunities, get new customers and grow revenue.

ActiveCampaign & Automation Campaign Examples

Small businesses can grow sales with these email marketing automation examples when combining triggers, actions & logics in ActiveCampaign.

List Building

31 Strategies to Capture Email Leads - Get more website visitors to opt-in to your email list. Optimize your landing page, call-to-action and conversion funnel. Create a lead magnet that works.

How to Use Ubersuggest SEO Keyword Tool?

Find new keywords. Find top pages of competitors. Find new content ideas. Analyze backlinks of competitor websites. Get SEO & AdWords data from Ubersuggest, and quickly optimize your website to grow traffic with higher Google rankings.

Sell on Facebook

Best Practices to Sell Through Facebook - Through Facebook groups, share your best content to create attention, engagement, and conversations with your end goal to get new leads and customers.

How to Install WordPress on Siteground?

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