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Chapters Summary

The first chapter discusses the options available to create your mobile website strategies that will best suit the mobile users and search engines in the Chinese market. It demonstrates how each strategy should be implemented.

The second chapter discusses the topics that must thoroughly be thought through and must be implemented for your mobile website’s SEO.

The third chapter discusses the web performance techniques and how to implement the techniques in order to improve your website’s performance i.e. Load speed.

The fourth chapter provides an analytics crash course to prepare you the required knowledge for the next chapter’s implementation.

The last (fifth) chapter demonstrates the implementation of the full set of data analytics reports that will enable you to track and measure your SEO projects’ performance. The tracked data and measured performance will enable you to make key decisions for SEO performance.

Table of Contents: The China Mobile SEO Book

Chapter 01: Mobile Website Strategies and Implementation Part 1

  • 1.1 Zhanzhang (Webmaster)
  • 1.2 Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • 1.3 How Search Engines Work
  • 1.4 Big Picture: The Chinese Search Engines
  • 1.5 Baidu’s Search Engine Results Page
  • 1.6 The Scope of Mobile SEO
  • 1.7 Mobile User Experience Factors
  • 1.8 HTML5
  • 1.9 The Building Blocks of a Mobile Website
  • 1.10 The Mobile SEO Plan
  • 1.11 One Website (For All Devices)
  • 1.12 Separated Mobile Website
  • 1.13 Responsive Design
  • 1.14 Dynamic Serving
  • 1.15 The Best Mobile Website Strategy Option

Chapter 02: Mobile Website Strategies and Implementation Part 2

  • 2.1 Setup of the Zhanzhang Tools
  • 2.2 Choose a Domain Name for the New Mobile Website
  • 2.3 Change a Mobile Website’s Domain Name
  • 2.4 The SEO Traffic Formulas
  • 2.5 Create a Spider Friendly Mobile Website
  • 2.6 Optimize Mobile Website Information Architecture
  • 2.7 Create and Implement the Keyword Strategies
  • 2.8 Configure a Viewport
  • 2.9 Fix Broken Links
  • 2.10 Avoid 302 Redirects
  • 2.11 Examine the Duplicate Content Issues

Chapter 03: Speed Optimization for Mobile Websites

  • 3.1 How Do Web Pages Load?
  • 3.2 Page Speed Test Tools
  • 3.3 Mobile Website Speed Optimization Techniques
  • 3.4 Optimize Web Server Software
  • 3.5 Upgrade Web Hosting
  • 3.6 Implement Web Browser Caching
  • 3.7 Enable File Compression
  • 3.8 Minify CSS and JavaScript Files
  • 3.9 Combine Multiple CSS Files
  • 3.10 Combine Multiple JavaScript Files
  • 3.11 Implement Inline CSS
  • 3.12 Implement Inline JavaScript
  • 3.13 Implement Inline Images
  • 3.14 Implement CSS Sprites
  • 3.15 Reduce DNS Lookups
  • 3.16 Optimize the Loading Order of CSS and JavaScript
  • 3.17 Avoid CSS @ Import
  • 3.18 Avoid CSS Attributes in HTML Elements
  • 3.19 Fix Bad Requests
  • 3.20 Avoid Redirects
  • 3.21 Implement Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Chapter 04: Analytics Crash Course

  • 4.1 Google Analytics, the Default Web Analytics Tool for Your Chinese Mobile Website
  • 4.2 Create a New Google Analytics Account
  • 4.3 Tracking Code Setup
  • 4.4 The Legacy Tracking Codes
  • 4.5 Traffic Sources
  • 4.6 Add New/Local Chinese Search Engines
  • 4.7 Campaign Tracking
  • 4.8 Goal Conversions
  • 4.9 Ecommerce Tracking
  • 4.10 Dimensions & Metrics
  • 4.11 Custom Dimensions & Custom Metrics
  • 4.12 Calculated Metrics
  • 4.13 Custom Reports
  • 4.14 Custom Alerts
  • 4.15 Self Referrals
  • 4.16 Data Sampling

Chapter 05: Mobile SEO Data Analytics

  • 5.1 The Mobile SEO Data Funnel
  • 5.2 Indexation Data
  • 5.3 Ranking Data
  • 5.4 Session and Conversion Data
  • 5.5 Factors Affecting Mobile SEO Traffic & Conversions
  • 5.6 Paid search (PPC) & BrandZone Advertising
  • 5.7 Paid Search URL Tagging and URL Redirection
  • 5.8 Add a New Chinese Search Engine to Google Analytics
  • 5.9 Google Analytics Sampled Data
  • 5.10 Organic Search Keyword Report
  • 5.11 Organic Search Landing Page Report
  • 5.12 HTTP Referrer
  • 5.13 Baidu Encrypts Organic Keywords
  • 5.14 Baidu Tongji & Baidu Zhanzhang
  • 5.15 SEO Technical Reports
  • 5.16 SEO Data for Competitive Analysis

Why Should You Buy This Book?

Why Should You Buy This Book?
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