ABOUT Gordon Choi

Practical work experience on SEO & PPC since year 2002.

Build marketing funnel for local Hong Kong small businesses: Get website visitors, leads, and sales (with reasonable cost).

I started my career as a programmer. But since 2002, I have worked on multiple projects involving search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) optimization, web analytics integration (Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager), website conversion rate optimization, web performance optimization, and website product operations, with companies who have medium to large websites.

I have led teams across different locations with members of multiple nationalities and cultures, and have spent 5 years leading teams and projects in Alibaba.com and Ctrip.com, two of the largest Internet companies in China.

I have contributed search engine and/or web analytics related articles to Clickz and Search Engine Watch between 2011 and 2015.

I am the author of China Mobile SEO Book. I’ve also written web analytics on Analyticsbook.org and web performance optimization on MobileWebsiteBook.com.

I have written and launched two online-based courses: Web analytics course (in 2017) and Launching Online Business (in 2018).

For the many SEO projects I’ve worked with, I’ve created overall SEO strategies and have them implemented on multilingual websites. I’ve created SEO protocols and trained marketers and developers on them.