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My book has been recommended by over 20 Internet marketing/product experts!

01 - "This book takes the often overlooked factual and scientific approach to doing SEO in China."
Stephen Noton
SEO veteran since 1996 and 1st in Asia Qualified by Google, Microsoft & Yahoo!
02 - "I have known Gordon for almost 10 years, and he has always been dedicating himself to the data analytics profession. He is one of the earliest online marketing professionals who have spent many years working with multiple markets & search engines whether they are outside of China (e.g. Google) or inside of China (i.e. Baidu). Due to his unique background and experience, Gordon is the ONE who is most suited to have this book written."
Guoping Zhang
CEO of Shop123.io
03 - "If you think your-US based optimization strategies and techniques will work for the China market, think again. Searches in China are quickly outpacing the usual suspects like Google and Bing, and internationally focused marketers need to understand the nuances of SEO and analytics for these users. Gordon has created a very thorough guide that should be on every marketer's book shelf."
Rob Garner
Author of Search and Social: The Definitive Guide to Real-time Content Marketing
04 - "Gordon covers unique SEO techniques and methods in this book. In mobile internet, SEO performance takes a very different spinning. Furthermore, are your websites tuned to work well with Chinese Search Engines like Baidu and 360? This book takes you into the inner circle of SEO where you can learn must-have knowledge of driving up SEO performance for your mobile websites in China. For readers who are serious about acquiring new users in Chinese market or who are curious about different SEO techniques tuned for Chinese Search Engine, you will learn how-to details of SEO-expertise illustrated in this book."
Eric Ye
CTO of Ctrip.com
05 - "Gordon's innovative book The China Mobile SEO Book is to help webmasters design and optimize their websites well so as to complete in the fast-growing China mobile search market. With depth and breadth coverage of overall strategies, hands-on web optimization ideas, practical SEO tactics, useful website performance tips, erudite web and SEO data analytics insights, the China SEO heavyweight’s new masterpiece is a must-read."
Chi-Yu Lian
Taiwan's SEO veteran and Co-founder of Search Marketing and Web Data Analysis Expo (SDX)
06 - "A mobile website strategy is crucial now that information has gone mobile-first. But chapters 4 and 5 of (this book) are the most important of all. This is how you determine if your strategy is working. This book can ensure your digital marketing success."
Jim Sterne
Founder of eMetrics Summit and Board Chair of Digital Analytics Association
07 - "This is a comprehensive and well-written guide that covers many aspects of mobile SEO today, and it is a really excellent source of information on the rapid changes in China's SEO industry. A must-read book for internet marketers."
Lawrence Wang
Digital Director of AIG & Director of TEDtoChina
08 - "The China Mobile SEO Book gets right to the heart of what it means to optimize your website for the age of mobile devices. It's packed full of detailed and helpful tips on how to make your brand more discoverable to Chinese searchers, and gives next –generation tips on how to measure your success."
Mel Carson
Founder & Principal Strategist of Delight Communications
09 - "I have worked with Gordon at Ctrip, China's number one travel booking engine. Gordon possesses vast practical experience in online marketing. Of all the professionals I have encountered, he has come up with the best solutions to integrate analytics into SEO. Gordon has offered this book which is easy to read at the precise time when mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular to users. Gordon's book presents the topics through the use of local examples and tools in order to demonstrate the effective methods to create mobile websites, manage SEO and integrate multi-screen data. This is a book which should not be missed."
Xiaoheng Wang
Vice President of Mobile, JF Mobile Healthcare Technologies (Formerly Associate Director of Search, Pingan Finance Technologies)
10 - "The popularity of mobile websites in China is growing exponentially, and so is their competition in search engine rankings. This book covers the up-to-date domain knowledge and best practices that you should know for you to win the SEO battle in China, or to at least stay relevant in the game."
Ye Wang
CEO of AppAdhoc.com (Formerly Engineer of Google's Ads Quality Team)
11 - "In the early years, China's Internet world consisted of yellow pages sites that have text hyperlinks all over the pages. Nowadays Chinese websites show more fragmented and long-tail characteristics when comparing to overseas websites. Over the past years when I visited Silicon Valley, the US-based specialists have shown much increased willingness to understand the practical SEO methods for the Chinese market. This only shows China's web traffic ecosystem has developed into considerable complexity and depth. This book combines practical experience and SEO methods that will benefit all SEO professionals targeting the Chinese market."
Andy Wang
General Manager of PPDai Mobile (Formerly Baidu Mobile Product Lead)
12 - "I first came across the world's leading information through Gordon Twitter and blog when I first started my career 7 years ago. Shortly afterwards I had a time period in which I worked at Ctrip with him. Gordon was one of the few Internet marketing professionals who started from the earliest years, but all these years he has always been able to move forward through the ever fast changing Chinese Internet world. Gordon's book is the definite practical guide for anyone to quickly acquire the necessary information on Internet technologies before entering the Chinese market."
Qi An (An7)
Head of Mobile Marketing, Ctrip.com
13 - "Prior to the publishing of this book, I believe very few people fully understand how China's large websites absorb users from the local search engines, and those websites' SEO strategies and tactics. Gordon has always been a great teacher and can always provide the simplest way to solve problems. The people Gordon has taught have all ended up working at large companies including roles of data analytics, operations and online marketing. During his 16 working years when he moved from South Africa to Hong Kong and then to Shanghai, and from search marketing agencies to ecommerce, and then to online travel booking business, he has always been keeping up with search engines. In China's SEO & PPC, he was the history and the present, and he is our legend."
Harry Ji
Senior Product Manager of QQ of Tencent
14 - "We aren't sure whether websites that are optimized for desktop users still have much value. But CMOs and Internet professionals definitely recognize the importance of websites that are optimized for mobile users, and the importance of analytics that must apply to mobile sites. The author is an experienced professional in web analytics and website optimization. He is able to share insights, understanding and practical experience in China's web technologies and local tools. This must be the number one definitive guide for China SEO."
Zhanren Yue
Secretary General of China CMO Executive Council
15 - "This book does not only discuss topics of mobile traffic and conversions. Gordon previously picked up his unique experience when he worked in multiple and versatile roles (i.e. between a coder and digital marketer), cross-cultural environment (i.e. between the China corporate and the International corporate), and small to large organizations. This enables him to take everyone to experience the new world outside of China's great wall. At least that's my opinion."
Jie Huang
Business & Product Operation Manager of Ctrip.com International
16 - "This book presents a valuable technology i.e. mobile SEO. The book covers diverse tactics and skills that range from practical to strategic. It is required reading for anyone who wants to get into the world of search engine optimization."
Xuefeng Zhang / Alex Xu
CTO of Ele.me / Digital Technology Director of Ele.me
17 - "Gordon delivers very practical and comprehensive methods of creating SEO friendly mobile websites that are especially for the China's Internet environment."
Robin Chen
Product Director of Ctrip.com
18 - "This book provides very good and deep knowledge on search engine optimization and site speed optimization which are necessary for web app. This is really precious knowledge for mobile web developers and webmasters."
Neo Su
CTO of Hupu.com
19 - "This book will help you understand the foundation of running a mobile website in China and how to achieve high ROI from mobile SEO on Baidu & other major search engines in China."
Jingqiu Wang
Senior Director of Tourforfun.com (Formerly Strategic Product Manager of Baidu)
20 - "Best guide on how to build and maintain your mobile website to enable it to smartly connect with your customers. Strongly recommend to all Internet business CEOs."
Eliot Shin
CEO of NEOply China
21 - "Search is one of the major methods in which human acquired information. How to efficiently and inexpensively acquire customers through SEO has always been a topic for professionals. After the mobile Internet has emerged, the methods of SEO have to be updated accordingly. Due to his previous work experience at Alibaba and Ctrip, Gordon has expressed the mobile SEO topic in details. The book should be read by those professionals who are doing online marketing."
Lie Chen
Chief Data Officer of Prudential Bank (Formerly Head of Business Intelligence of Alibaba.com)


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